Odysseus Mourtzouchos | Photography

We are very excited to present the work of Odysseus Mourtzouchos, an exceptionally talented photographer currently based in Berlin. He loves to travel and capture moments with his camera; we love to see the world through his eyes. With great framing and use of light,  his work inspires us to look for beauty in different places all around the world.


Odysseus Mourtzouchos is a Greek photographer based in Berlin, Germany. He spent a decade in London studying Graphic Design and Architecture, learning skills he still uses alongside photography. He enjoys photographing people and landscapes the most, but has a passion for creating and capturing beautiful images of any kind. 

He got into photography through travelling and has been part of various humanitarian projects such as the Nakuru Project in Kenya and the Jarahieh School project in Lebanon, both as a photographer and architect. When he is not travelling, you will finding him in Berlin getting himself involved in projects ranging from photography to illustration and architecture. 

Workshop in London | Chapter Two




‘’The Creative Lighting Chapter Two was a great extension of Chapter One that looked deeper into image creation process from understanding common mistakes and tricks of the trade. It’s a great help to understand the creation process behind a good image rather than just looking at the technical aspect. Having a practical day on Corona was a great addition as it helped us to push our images and be braver in creating a more dynamic and interesting image that can stand out from the crowd. Being critiqued during the day by the instructors and class mates really helped me to look at my images in a different way and achieve results I could be very proud of.’’
- Iain Bennett, Envisage 3D

‘’I attended the original Creative Lighting workshop back in November 2016, and have learnt a huge amount about CGI lighting technique through the unique Creative Lighting philosophy. For this reason, when the CL team organised a Chapter Two advanced workshop, it was an opportunity I could not miss. On day 1, we explored the importance of applying ideas, composition and tone to create a better image.  We also examined in depth photography methods for use in both interior and exterior design. Day 2 was even better; a practical day which offered a unique chance to put into practise everything we had learnt from the Chapter One and Chapter Two workshops, with guidance and critical review from Nikos and Damian. All in all, the advanced Chapter Two course is fun, informative, but also intensive, which I have definitely benefited from.’’
- Eric Tang, Spink Property LLP

‘’I really loved the Chapter Two Creative Lighting workshop, great atmosphere and great content. The course provided a mix of both artistic theory and practical application, so we got the whole package. We were given very useful, practical information that you can put straight into production. Over the course of the workshop, our workflow got faster and we achieved better results. I will definitely be back for more.’’
- Sidney Coelho, CP Visual

‘’I really enjoyed the Chapter Two Creative Lighting Workshop. Nikos and Damian shared a lot of practical knowledge and were always open to discussion, so everyone could get the most out of the training. I feel much more motivated to improve my renders now and would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to push their work to next level.’’
- Katarzyna Paschilke, Foster and Partners

Hong Kong In The 1950s

These stunning photographs taken by teenageer Ho Fan, who arrived from Shanghai in 1949, beautifully capture 1950s Hong Kong. The streets, filled with vendors and residents, fascinated Ho. At the time, studio photography was the norm, but young Ho Fan was more interested in taking candid, situational shots with his Rolleiflex. The strangers he passed, the smoky streets, and the imposing architecture help to give an insight into daily life in 1950s Hong Kong.

The Imagemaking Process

In case you missed Damian's inspirational webinar last month on the subject of 'The Imagemaking Process', our wonderful Art Director Richard Dinnis will be delivering the third in the series next week on 'Composition: The Language of Pictures'.

This unique opportunity is only available to members of the Creative Lighting Club.   Sign up today (free membership for a month) and become a part of an exclusive community in which CG artists can learn, be inspired, and unleash the power of the artist!

Workshop in London | November 2016

A big thank you to everyone involved in the first ever London based Creative Lighting workshop last week and for making it such a great success. 

This is only of the start of the Creative Lighting Revolution, with many exciting events to come.

Here are some beautiful shots of Nikos and Damian in action...!

3ds London | November 2016

Some fantastic shots of Rich, Nikos and Damian doing us proud @3dslondon last night. A great evening, with two very inspiring talks. Thank you to everyone who came and helped make the night such a special one.

"MOVIE NIGHT" A conceptual piece by Creative Lighting & Cityscape Digital

This is a piece we worked up recently to explore the major role light plays in making (or breaking!) composition.

Still inspired by the methods of the current great cinematographers and DPs, Nikos explored extensively what kinds of lights to use in the scene, where to place and how to control them, then using multilight to experiment with intensity and hue to affect tonal and colour composition.

Back at the ranch at Cityscape Digital we shot actors on green screen, using Nikos' Maxwell lighting setup to guide our physical lights on-set. Luis then keyed and comped these into the shot in Nuke. 

Tbh the creative process ended up being completely jumbled up due to the time pressure that's always there on experimental work; we started with light, then superimposed a character story on top, then I played with foreground vs background as the focal point of the scene in Photoshop just before the end!

The aim of getting a fully animated lighting sequence from a single frame render in Maxwell was partially successful... It works in theory.

Damian Fennell, Creative Director

creativelighting.co | cityscapedigital.co.uk | maxwellrender.com

Maxwell Render | Interview with Nikos Nikolopoulos

After a few drinks of mastiha (Greek liquor), Janna of the Maxwell Render team persuades Nikos to tell us all about Creative Lighting and what’s next for the visualization guru.  Following a great weekend presenting at Mundos Digitales (A Coruña, Spain), Next Limit was delighted to have Nikos swing by the office in Madrid to discuss how Maxwell Render continues to contribute to his Creative Lighting philosophy.

Maxwell Render | Multilight Tutorial

·         At first you see Multilight in the preview window.  Then I turn on V3’s Fast Multilight Preview with GPU to get the full screen Multilight

·         Then I play with the individual emitter sliders to get my desired intensity.  I could have also turned on Color Multilight but this time I just did Intensity. You can also do this with the Camera Panel and other functionalities available for your MXI file post-render

·         When I move/edit more than one slider at a time, I´m using the new feature in V3.2 which isn’t actually publically available yet

·         Then I start my keyframe Multilight animation that I can then save it in my desired file type which I will open in a video editing program like Premiere, AE, Final Cut, etc. to add music, etc.