"MOVIE NIGHT" A conceptual piece by Creative Lighting & Cityscape Digital

This is a piece we worked up recently to explore the major role light plays in making (or breaking!) composition.

Still inspired by the methods of the current great cinematographers and DPs, Nikos explored extensively what kinds of lights to use in the scene, where to place and how to control them, then using multilight to experiment with intensity and hue to affect tonal and colour composition.

Back at the ranch at Cityscape Digital we shot actors on green screen, using Nikos' Maxwell lighting setup to guide our physical lights on-set. Luis then keyed and comped these into the shot in Nuke. 

Tbh the creative process ended up being completely jumbled up due to the time pressure that's always there on experimental work; we started with light, then superimposed a character story on top, then I played with foreground vs background as the focal point of the scene in Photoshop just before the end!

The aim of getting a fully animated lighting sequence from a single frame render in Maxwell was partially successful... It works in theory.

Damian Fennell, Creative Director

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