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EUE is a yearly conference in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. 
EUE is about meeting people, exchanging ideas and techniques. It has grown over the years into one of the highest rated CG events in the world. With some of the best speakers on the planet and visitors from both big and small companies, it is a platform for high level presentations and discussions for end users; the people who use the software, the people who do the stuff.
EUE is intimate and can hold up a maximum of 250 visitors per day, this small setting is one of the key points of this event. It is also the only event of its kind that is held in a pub, the perfect environment for open and friendly networking. With the free and relaxed interaction of visitors and speakers from 20 plus nations, making friends and building business relationship becomes natural. The world becomes a small place at the EUE.

The event begins with an informal get together of speakers, organizers and attendees on Wednesday evening. The actual event starts on Thursday with registration. The formal presentations start at 10.00 and go on till 17.00 followed with an open bar and informal dinner, which stretches till 23.00. Friday the presentations start again at 10.00 and go on till 17.00 followed again with an open bar session till 19.00 when it is time to say goodbye to the visitors.

Unique is also that (apart from Wednesday evening) all of this is included in the registration fee, so all drinks and lunch are included, as well as the Thursday dinner!



Nikos spends his life chasing beauty. Here he shares how the greats of Cinematography have inspired the Creative Lighting concept, and how he brought cinematic lighting techniques into an entirely different world – the virtual world.

And he’s going to invite you to the coolest new members club in town CREATIVE LIGHTING CLUB

Earlier Event: November 14