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Twelve years ago, Damian Fennell put his fine art and sculpture career on hold to join Cityscape Digital, a leading architectural visualisation house. He is now Cityscape’s Managing Director, shaping the look of the work and the creative philosophy of the studio since 2009. He and Nikos worked closely together during Nikos’ five years at Cityscape, and Creative Lighting was born out of their partnership. Damian is passionate about image-craft, design, and the play of light and dark. He completed his home studio last year, and is gradually getting back into his first loves of sculpture and painting.



‘‘The Creative Lighting workshop has made me re-evaluate the way I approach producing visuals, thinking about lighting and mood much more which is integral to producing evocative images. The techniques demonstrated on the course have helped me put this into practice and has streamlined my workflow, big thank you to Nikos and Damian!’’

— Kieran Ashton, Allies and Morrison



Nikos Nikolopoulos has risen to the top of his industry as both a creative director and educator. His editorials have appeared in numerous blogs and magazines including ArchDaily, Dezeen, 3D World Magazine and dozens more. Nikos has been the main instructor both online and onsite for some of the top architects and designers in the world such as Foster + Partners, Goldstein Hill & West Architects, Johnson Pilton Walker, Tara Bernerd & Partners and Make Architects. His unique cinematic approach to lighting is shared in the CGI community all over the world, delivering workshops and helping artists to take their work a step further. He believes that inspiration can be found everywhere and is particularly passionate about the ethereal nature of the morning light and magic hour. Nikos is always looking at new ways to share his passions and creative knowledge with others.