Creative Lighting Philosophy

Nikos Nikolopoulos spends his life chasing beauty. Here he shares how the greats of Cinematography have inspired the Creative Lighting concept, and how he brought cinematic lighting techniques into an entirely different world - the virtual world.

Nikos strips back the technical jargon back to being an artist and making the tools work for you. Presenting his approach and philosophy taking advantage of Corona’s LightMix, Nikos demonstrates the importance and power of light to make or break an image, drawing from lessons learnt through cinematography, photography, the art masters and perhaps most importantly, through your own eyes. The skills taught are fundamentally software agnostic so anyone can utilise the same approaches in their workflow of choice and benefit from what Nikos has to offer - and you should.
— Matthew Austin, Architectural Visualiser

Introduction to Corona Renderer

Corona Renderer is one of the most powerful rendering engines in the market. Nikos shares his unique creative workflow and lighting techniques for fast and happy rendering. Combine the Creative Lighting Philosophy with the power of LightMix to create visual poetry in your raw render.