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Creative Lighting Exteriors

Nikos Nikolopoulos takes you through his creative process of selecting the right time of day for your exterior project. He makes this process simple by combining the Creative Lighting Philosophy with the very best lighting solutions and unique workflows that Corona Renderer has to offer.

The Creative Lighting Chapter Two was a great extension of Chapter One that looked deeper into image creation process from understanding common mistakes and tricks of the trade. It’s a great help to understand the creation process behind a good image rather than just looking at the technical aspect. Having a practical day on Corona was a great addition as it helped us to push our images and be braver in creating a more dynamic and interesting image that can stand out from the crowd. Being critiqued during the day by the instructors and class mates really helped me to look at my images in a different way and achieve results I could be very proud of.
— Iain Bennett, Envisage 3D

Chapter Two


The Creative Lighting Workshop: Chapter Two is an intensive 2-day advanced course that builds on the principles explored in the original Creative Lighting Workshop and takes them to the next level.

After the great success of the original workshop, Nikos and Damian were inspired to continue their creative journey of discovery into what makes great visuals, and have developed an advanced, in-depth course in inspiration, workflows and techniques for visualisation artists.