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Testimonial 07

“The workshop was an inspiring reminder of what we should all be more focused on as artists. Nikos and Damian delve back to often forgotten first principles of image creation. Delivered with excellent technical knowledge of how to best implement the theory in day to day practice of visualisation and supported by a wide array of source inspiration from film, photography and painting. The course, for me, was a much needed, fresh perspective on the craft.”

— Phil Sheridan, EPR Architects

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Testimonial 08

“The Creative Lighting workshop for me personally made me think creatively again. In the past, I found it was easy to get tied up with the technical settings of a program and churn out very similar looking, bland work. However, I gained a change in mind set from the workshop, and a new way of looking at the composition and lighting of each individual shot. I have taken this process and used it in my work, and believe it is the better for it. I have more passion to create interesting, beautiful images.”

— Iain Bennett, Envisage 3D

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Testimonial 10

“I attended the first Creative Lighting Workshop in London with Nikos and Damian, and found it a really informative, eye opening experience. It was truly amazing to see the results that can be achieved in CGIs by applying the Creative Lighting philosophy. I was especially impressed by the lighting case studies that drew inspiration from films and the arts. They inspired me to use lighting in a new, more creative way within my work. The workshop was friendly and informal, with a group of liked-mind professionals who wanted to improve their skill set. I certainly enjoyed it and will definitely be attending another workshop in the future.”

— Eric Tang, Spink Property LLP

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Testimonial 12

“If you currently light a scene by adding a sun system or an HDRI, then cross your fingers and hope for the best, then this is the workshop for you. Light is at the heart of our craft, but its artistic potential is too often neglected. Creative Lighting workshops remind us to pay attention.  Nikos and Damian share their skills and fire the imagination through their expert practical demonstrations, plus their analysis of painting, photography, cinema and theatre, teaching us that inspiration is everywhere. The inspiration continues after training, when you will be motivated to continue your study of lighting, to learn (and break) the rules, and to make striking images that tell stories.”

— Paul Roberts, Training Manager at Itoo Software

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Testimonial 14

“The passion and knowledge of creative image making from Nikos and Damian was inspiring. The workshop provided a clear understanding of ways to keep creativity and narrative central to successful image making. Can’t wait to put it all into practice on my new projects. A bonus was meeting the other professionals attending the workshop and hearing about their experiences of the industry.”

— Alex O'Kane, Studio Peel

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Testimonial 15

“At Creative Lighting workshop not only did we discuss cinematic lighting techniques, composition, form, color and mood. This holistic course dives right into the client relationship, describing a structured way to deliver beautiful images within a commercial context. Many thanks to Damian, Nikos and team for delivering two days packed with content, and for answering my many questions.”

— Dan Marks, Tangible Visual Ltd

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Testimonial 16

“The Creative Lighting workshop offered a totally new approach to lighting within 3D scenes, and was explained in a clear, simple way. Nikos and Damian were both very informative and were open to discussion about light and their workflow in general. I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to make outstanding visualizations.”

— Katarzyna Paschilke, Foster and Partners

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Testimonial 17

“The Creative Lighting workshop was super great. I had an incredible experience in the workshop, with Nikos and his in-depth knowledge of lighting, and exploring the meticulousness of image making with Damian. I Would easily recommend this workshop to all my friends and colleagues.”

— Guulshan Roy, Guulshan Roy Architects Inc

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Testimonial 18

“Creative Lighting helped me approach lighting with different eyes and tools. Over the course of 2 days, lighting is covered in a theoretical and practical way with examples of how to apply that knowledge in a meaningful way on your daily work.”

— Luis Goncalves, Modus Group Visualiser Team Lead

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