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Testimonial 01

“Unlocking the creative potential of our staff. It’s like seeing the world from a new perspective. Technical skills can be learnt from books, the theory of lighting provides a philosophy of how to convey emotion and feelings. As architects we often express our design intent through a descriptive journey. Creative Lighting has given us the tools to convey this through imagery.”

— Wayne Dickerson, Johnson Pilton Walker

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Testimonial 02

“Creative Lighting will change the way you look at visualization and light forever. There are few people in this industry who have the ability to inspire and teach the way Nikos does. After 21 years in the industry, even I was inspired. It does not get any better than this!”

Jeff Mottle,

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Testimonial 03

“I have done a lot of courses both online and on-site, and they were all great. Nikos's approach to the subject of lighting is really geared towards establishing an easy and efficient lighting workflow/philosophy instead of a software workflow, which can be found anywhere else in the industry. His laid-back yet professional tutoring style makes it all sound so easy, and he breaks down complex scenarios to small understandable parts. With practice and a change of mindset, daunting lighting tasks will be becoming a breeze. To put it in his words - have an idea and a reference and decide to stick to it.”

— Per-Olof Bergs, CG Supervisor

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Testimonial 09

“Nikos strips back the technical jargon back to being an artist and making the tools work for you. Presenting his approach and philosophy taking advantage of Corona’s LightMix, Nikos demonstrates the importance and power of light to make or break an image, drawing from lessons learned through cinematography, photography, the art masters and perhaps most importantly, through your own eyes. The skills taught are fundamentally software agnostic so anyone can utilize the same approaches in their workflow of choice and benefit from what Nikos has to offer - and you should.”

— Matthew Austin, Architectural Visualiser

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Testimonial 04

“Nikos has great knowledge of lighting, and his courses are extremely easy to follow whether you’re a photographer, 3d artist, architect or designer. I love the way he connects the class with our daily workflow. Do you want to learn? Do you crave inspiration? Do you want to get back to being fun and creative? Enroll in the Lighting Masterclass.”

— Xanti Rodriguez, Photographer

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Testimonial 19

“The Creative Lighting course allowed me to start thinking outside the box regarding lighting and color. Nikos's approach is both passionate and inspiring. I found a few Gems of knowledge that have allowed me to revisit my old scenes with a different technical and creative eye. I look forward to applying the techniques learned in all my future Projects.”

— Stephen Harrison, ArtisticPixel

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Testimonial 06

“On behalf of Exposi3d, we would like to thank Nikos for his amazing Masterclass. Nikos is a master of light and a true professional. His training was inspirational and has provided us with all the necessary tools to improve our work and make exciting beautiful images.”

— Odysseas Miltiadous, Exposi3d

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Testimonial 05

“I firmly recommend the Lighting Masterclass. Nikos transmits a lot of energy and passion for what he does and seeing him work is an experience in itself. His workflow is really inspiring and has opened my eyes to new disciplines and techniques.”

— Teresa Corbín, Architecture Student

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