‘‘I have done a lot of courses both online and on-site, and they were all great. Nikos's approach to the subject of lighting is really geared towards establishing an easy and efficient lighting workflow/philosophy instead of a software workflow, which can be found anywhere else in the industry. His laid-back yet professional tutoring style makes it all sound so easy, and he breaks down complex scenarios to small understandable parts. With practice and a change of mindset, daunting lighting tasks will be becoming a breeze. To put it in his words - have an idea and a reference and decide to stick to it.’’

- Per-Olof Bergs, CG Supervisor


‘’Nikos strips back the technical jargon back to being an artist and making the tools work for you. Presenting his approach and philosophy taking advantage of Corona’s LightMix, Nikos demonstrates the importance and power of light to make or break an image, drawing from lessons learnt through cinematography, photography, the art masters and perhaps most importantly, through your own eyes. The skills taught are fundamentally software agnostic so anyone can utilise the same approaches in their workflow of choice and benefit from what Nikos has to offer - and you should.’’

- Matthew Austin, Architectural Visualiser


‘‘Nikos has great knowledge of lighting, and his webinars are extremely easy to follow whether you’re a photographer, 3D artist, architect or designer. I love the way he connects the class with our daily workflow. Do you want to learn? Do you crave inspiration? Do you want to get back to being creative again? Enrol in the lighting courses today.’’

- Xanti Rodriguez, Photographer

“Unlocking the creative potential of our staff. It’s like seeing the world from a new perspective. Technical skills can be learnt from books, the theory of lighting provides a philosophy of how to convey emotion and feelings. As architects we often express our design intent through a descriptive journey. Creative Lighting has given us the tools to convey this through imagery.”

- Wayne Dickerson, Johnson Pilton Walker


“Creative Lighting will change the way you look at visualization and light forever. There are few people in this industry who have the ability to inspire and teach the way Nikos does. After 21 years in the industry, even I was inspired. It does not get any better than this!”

- Jeff Mottle, CGarchitect.com

“The Creative Lighting Masterclass allowed me to start thinking outside the box regarding lighting and color. Nikos's approach is both passionate and inspiring. I found a few Gems of knowledge that have allowed me to revisit my old scenes with a different technical and creative eye. I look forward to applying the techniques learned in all my future Projects.”

- Stephen Harrison, ArtisticPixel

‘’On behalf of Exposi3d, we would like to thank Nikos for his amazing Masterclass. Nikos is a master of light and a true professional.  His training was inspirational and has provided us with all the necessary tools to improve our work and make exciting beautiful images.’’

- Odysseas Miltiadous, Exposi3d


‘‘I firmly recommend the Lighting Masterclass. Nikos transmits a lot of energy and passion for what he does and seeing him work is an experience in itself. His workflow is really inspiring and has opened my eyes to new disciplines and techniques.’’

- Teresa Corbín, Architecture Student


‘‘Creative Lighting offers the best art and lighting cinematography approach as unique, the way that he delivery all the information compact and so inspire in the way of art and cinematography that anyone who would like to advance 3D look dev career in arch viz should follow rather than tweaking technical stuff. This is the only workshop that I can found around the globe that so true for 3D architectural visualization, I recommend Creative Lighting for everyone who are doing arch viz.’’

- Vu Pham, Rainstorm Film

‘‘If you currently light a scene by adding a sun system or an HDRI, then cross your fingers and hope for the best, then this is the workshop for you. Light is at the heart of our craft, but its artistic potential is too often neglected. Creative Lighting workshops remind us to pay attention.  Nikos and Damian share their skills and fire the imagination through their expert practical demonstrations, plus their analysis of painting, photography, cinema and theatre, teaching us that inspiration is everywhere. The inspiration continues after training, when you will be motivated to continue your study of lighting, to learn (and break) the rules, and to make striking images that tell stories.’’

- Paul Roberts, Training Manager at Itoo Software

‘’At Creative Lighting workshop not only did we discuss cinematic lighting techniques, composition, form, colour and mood. This holistic course dives right into the client relationship, describing a structured way to deliver beautiful images within a commercial context. Many thanks to Damian, Nikos and team for delivering two days packed with content, and for answering my many questions.’’

- Dan Marks, Tangible Visual Ltd

"The Creative Lighting workshop has been a great experience. It gave me the opportunity to meet fantastic people, learn new skills and have fun. The passion Nikos and Damian transmitted was very inspiring. I definitely recommend it."

- Nello Vasile, Allies and Morrison

‘‘Nikos and Damian make the perfect team and they are able to capture your attention from beginning to end with their creative passion.  The Lighting Workshop is definitely the kind of course which generates new ideas and motivation to continue exploring the magic of light.’’

- Chandra Juanes, Foster and Partners


‘‘Creative Lighting helped me approach lighting with different eyes and tools. Over the course of 2 days, lighting is covered in a theoretical and practical way with examples of how to apply that knowledge in a meaningful way on your daily work.’’

- Luis Goncalves, Modus Group Visualiser Team Lead

 ‘‘The Creative Lighting workshop for me personally made me think creatively again. In the past, I found it was easy to get tied up with the technical settings of a program and churn out very similar looking bland work. However, I gained a change in mindset from the workshop and a new way of looking at the composition and lighting of each individual shot. I have taken this unique process and used it in my work, and I believe it is better for it. I have more passion to create interesting, beautiful images.’’

- Iain Bennett, Envisage 3D

‘‘The Creative Lighting workshop was super great. I had an incredible experience in the workshop, with Nikos and his in-depth knowledge of lighting, and exploring the meticulousness of image making with Damian. I Would easily recommend this workshop to all my friends and colleagues.’’

- Guulshan Roy, Guulshan Roy Architects Inc

‘‘The Creative Lighting workshop helped me to understand the importance of being inspired as an artist and of developing my working methodology. This workshop is presented by a passionate team, who understand how light and creativity can change everything.  How a different approach can deliver unexpected achievement. I’ve been in the world of Arch Viz in London for the last 6 years, and this workshop reminded me of the importance of approaching arch viz from a photographic perspective. It re-opened my mind about the process of analysing visuals, which enables us to take our art to the next level. This workshop is also a great way for you to have a break from your daily routine and meet other people from the same profession, sharing experiences and ideas. I would recommend this workshop to any professional artist who wants to find an alternative way of working, and who wants to be inspired. It would also be beneficial for new artists, who are still developing their own working methodology, as what Nikos and Damian share is not just a pedagogy, but ideas that can be applied into real work.’’

- Andrew Kusuma, Design International

‘‘The Creative Lighting workshop offered a totally new approach to lighting within 3D scenes, and was explained in a clear, simple way. Nikos and Damian were both very informative and were open to discussion about light and their workflow in general. I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to make outstanding visualisations.’’

- Katarzyna Paschilke, Foster and Partners

‘‘I attended the first Creative Lighting Workshop in London with Nikos and Damian, and found it a really informative, eye opening experience.  It was truly amazing to see the results that can be achieved in CGIs by applying the Creative Lighting philosophy. I was especially impressed by the lighting case studies that drew inspiration from films and the arts. They inspired me to use lighting in a new, more creative way within my work. The workshop was friendly and informal, with a group of liked-mind professionals who wanted to improve their skill set.  I certainly enjoyed it and will definitely be attending another workshop in the future.’’

- Eric Tang, Spink Property LLP

‘‘The workshop was an inspiring reminder of what we should all be more focused on as artists. Nikos and Damian delve back to often forgotten first principles of image creation. Delivered with excellent technical knowledge of how to best implement the theory in day to day practice of visualisation and supported by a wide array of source inspiration from film, photography and painting. The course, for me, was a much needed, fresh perspective on the craft.’’

- Phil Sheridan, EPR Architects

‘‘Nikos and Damian’s passion and knowledge is clear to see, a fantastic reminder in getting back to the fundamentals of why we love this job: to make beautiful images. The workshop demonstrates how you can still strive to push creative boundaries within the time pressures of a commercial environment, examining the importance of taking inspiration from everywhere in life and perhaps more unsaid, the importance of outlining the initial problem(s) faced so visuals can go beyond being a pretty picture but a problem solver. Exploring cinematic techniques and art fundamentals to utilise the importance of form and light, it’s given me the power to bring more colour back to my work with confidence and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.’’

- Matthew Austin, Architectural Visualiser


"The Creative Lighting workshop has made me re-evaluate the way I approach producing visuals, thinking about lighting and mood much more which is integral to producing evocative images. The techniques demonstrated on the course have helped me put this into practice and has streamlined my workflow, big thank you to Nikos and Damian!"

- Kieran Ashton, Allies and Morrison


"The passion and knowledge of creative image making from Nikos and Damian was inspiring. The workshop provided a clear understanding of ways to keep creativity and narrative central to successful image making. Can’t wait to put it all into practice on my new projects. A bonus was meeting the other professionals attending the workshop and hearing about their experiences of the industry."

- Alex O'Kane, Studio Peel