Creative Lighting fomented at Cityscape Digital’s Shoreditch studio, the brainchild of Nikos, then CGI Director, and Creative Director Damian. They fought long and hard in the heat of the engine room (it was pretty small and crowded back then) over how to create visuals that were beautiful and exceptional. Turning to cinema for inspiration, the stunning world of cinematography started to present them with new possibilities. After a lot of research into the work of Roger Deakins, Pinterest boards, sketches and 3D tests, an in-house workshop was born: Creative Lighting vs. Mundane Realism. From there the philosophy took on a life of its own.


Nikos Nikolopoulos

Nikos worked at Cityscape Digital as their lead 3D Artist for several years, going on to become the CGI Director. Eventually Nikos returned to his homeland of Greece, but maintained the strong relationship that he’d developed with Cityscape over the years. Due to their close partnership, they were able to develop a new concept together;, a vision for CG driven by the philosophies of cinematic lighting. Nikos shares his Creative Lighting philosophy all over the world, delivering workshops and helping artists to take their work a step further. He believes that creative inspiration can be found everywhere, and is particularly passionate about the ethereal nature of the morning light and magic hour.

Damian Fennell

Ten years ago, Damian Fennell put his fine art and sculpture career on hold to join Cityscape Digital, a leading architectural visualisation house. He is now Cityscape’s Creative Director, shaping the look of the work and the creative philosophy of the studio since 2009. He and Nikos worked closely together during Nikos’ five years at Cityscape, and Creative Lighting was born out of their partnership. Damian is passionate about image-craft, design, and the play of light and dark. He completed his home studio last year, and is gradually getting back into his first loves of sculpture and painting.

Understanding how to harness light is central to an artist's creative skillset. We wanted to help artists grow this skill by creating a place where like-minded creatives could come for knowledge and inspiration. It would be open to anyone, anywhere in the world, as long as they’re as excited about light as we are. Out of this idea, a unique new members club was born.